Listen to Your Lyrics

I was sitting in a giant van without seat belts barreling down the back roads of Thailand in the torrential rain. The third row back, I had my ear phones tightly in listening to Mumford and Sons repeatedly. During my (approximately) twelfth time listening to the song ‘Sigh No More,’ it dawned upon me that most of the lyrics were taken from the Shakespearean play ‘Much Ado About Nothing.’

The van suddenly stops. Visibility is zero outside due to the unimaginable downpour. I remove one headphone. The van door slides open. We are invited to run across a stream and into a Buddhist temple that we cannot even see. No one moves. In my other headphone the line  reminds me, ‘Oh, man is a giddy thing!’

Taking out the headphone, I bolt out the open door into the rain.

Inside it is clear that the temple is built in a circular design with a central staircase, going up and up. More people from the van arrive. We instantly start running up the stairs into the mysterious. At the end of the stairwell is a ladder. We climb the ladder, our bare feet still slippery and wet. At the top is a Buddha and open doors in all directions. We are so high now that we can see the rain engulfing the Thai countryside.

We all start laughing. Man is indeed a giddy thing.


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  1. Ann Yoshida
    Jan 14, 2012 @ 16:24:57

    Sarah, I love this blog! Just went on your website after my very first massage and hope you’ll write more here!


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